Devblog #1

Welcome to One More Day's Devblog #1!

This will only a short and sweet update to say where I am.

Currently working mechanics are:

  • Inventory System > Picking up, dropping, consuming objects
  • Zombie AI > NPC AI is still to be working on.
  • Player Movement is working > Still needs to be modified a little to feel better.

Tasks that need to be completed SOON:

  • Lootable_Container Script > Allows me to place the script on objects that are lootable and choose whether its High,Medium,Low loot and what type of Area, so Outdoor, Indoor, Industrial etc. It will then randomly choose a object such as an apply and drink to go in there.
  • Camera Controller > Currently the camera is in a fixed position, you will be able to zoom in, rotate and follow your character etc.

UI Tasks:

  • Complete Layout for Inventory > Will contain your Health, Hunger, Thirst, Crafting and map! 

Thats about it! Thank you for reading :)

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